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How It Works

WeGotPlayers is a powerful sports resumes tool designed to empower players of all levels build and promote their own identity to play at the next level.

Your Road Map To Success

We’ve outlined how our tool works and how you can engage with your preferred audience to find the right fit. Please keep in mind that we are not a recruiting service.

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2. Build Your Sports Resume And Promote Yourself

3. Upload All Your Information, Videos And Stats

4. Share Any Information You Want

5. Connect With Anyone You Desire

6. Gain Exposure And Play At The Next Level

Founder of WeGotPlayers

Success in sports is often decided by the players’ abilities to actively promote them-selves and quickly engage with their target audience to find the right fit. Becoming proactive and getting educated early can get you ahead of the competition.

Nicolae Andrei Popescu

Founder of WeGotPlayers

A Vital Community

Our empowering tool allows players of all levels and recruiters to become more productive and efficient by doing more in less time.

We created a simple resumes tool for players that’s easy to navigate, effective and fast. WeGotPlayers provides you with unique profile features that allows you to be in control of your privacy at all times.

We help dedicated players create engaging moments that build long-term relationships. Throughout the years we’ve recognize the endless opportunities that can evolve and be turned into athletes’  success stories.

Quinnipiac University

This organization has hands on experience and is in tune to both what coaches are looking for in players and what players need to be successful.

Eric Da Costa

Men’s Head Soccer Coach

Quinnipiac University

Our 3 Steps Strategy

1. Build your identity with a FREE sports resume and instantly PROMOTE yourself to anyone you want.

2. CONNECT with players like yourself and recruiters to discover where is your best fit to play at the next level.

3. Players can SHARE their sports profile publicly with their target audience or simply keep it private.

NSCAA 2015 Walt Chyzowych Lifetime Achievement Award

The work is done by professionals, putting endless hours into searching for an avenue to help athletes to connect with coaches at colleges and universities.

George Vizvary

NSCAA 2015 Walt Chyzowych Lifetime Achievement Award


Since 2008, players of all levels have used our platform to accomplish their goals and objectives.

We’ve build a powerful online sports resumes tool to help players express themselves, showcase their skills,  talent and on and off the field abilities to find their future sports destination.

As first impressions are always memorable, we want to help players introduce themselves in an organized and professional manner. We educate our players on how to create custom online sports resumes that are easy to find and hard to forget.

Founder of TomSan & Adidas Ambassador

WeGotPlayers is a brilliant idea for any athlete looking to be discovered, any coach trying to recruit players, or any Agent who is looking to represent athletes in multiple sports.

Tom Byer

Founder of TomSan & Adidas Ambassador

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