Attacking Principles Of Soccer

  • 17 Dec, 2015


Verbal and visual communication needs to be stressed.

Your success in defense, is created by either by intercepting a pass made by the opponent or from a good tackle made which gave you possession of the ball.

This is time for immediate transition from defense to attack.  It requires a different state of mind from the entire team.

When you attack, everybody attacks. It takes a different shape of the team, dictated by the position you are playing, the location of the opponent players and the location of the ball.

The responsibilities of the players are specific and need quick recognition and action by the 1st, 2nd and 3rd attackers.

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A. The role of the first attacker 

  1. The player with the ball (most important player).
  2. Must achieve penetration with the ball by making the best tactical decision, based upon the players’ technical capabilities.

B. The role of the second attacker (can be several players) 

  1. Player in immediate support of 1st attacker.
  2. Positioned behind square or ahead of the ball, based upon pressure applied to the first attacker.
  3. Positioned at the proper distance to insure that the defender cannot restrict both attackers.
  4. Must combine with 1st attacker to gain penetration through bent runs, overlapping runs, wall passes (1-2 double pass) and take overs.
  5. Bent and overlapping runs may isolate 1st attacker for dribbling.

C. The role of the third attacker 

  1. Attempts to unbalance the defending team by making constructive runs to increase the attacking options.  Primarily penetrating (diagonal runs).
  2. These penetrating runs allow for the possibility of the 3rd attacker receiving the ball or creating space behind his run for another attacker.

Following the concepts of defense and attack, assures the team of effective tactical performance.

Author @George Vizvary

George Vizvary is an internationally recognized soccer "Maestro" and former men's head soccer coach at Ulster County Community College. During his past time at UCCC he won two National Championships and had his team ranked in the Top 10 of the nation for 19 years. Along the way his teams produced 43 professional players, 40 NJCAA or NSCAA All-Americans. As a USSF A license holder, George Vizvary was recognized and awarded the prestigious NSCAA 2015 Walt Chyzowych Lifetime Achievement Award. Today, you can find George Vizvary coaching for Quick Strike FC in upstate New York.
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