Coaching Advise For Soccer Players

  • 12 Nov, 2015

As you are entering the field to play this beautiful game you must know the rules and principles that drive you and control the game. There are four points that you have to recognize, where the goals are, where the ball is, where your teammates are and where the opponents are on the field. The first thing you must do is recognize these four important factors, next you must be able to react accordingly and most importantly, you must always be aware of these four factors while you perform on the field. Some of these skills are intuitive and some you will learn and perfect as you gain experience. Let’s look at each of these four factors in further detail so you can understand the true meaning.

1. Where The Goals Are

You must always be aware of which goal you are defending and which goal you are attacking. It sounds easy but I am sure some of your teammates had that problem at least once.

2. Where The Ball Is

Yellow Soccer Ball

The field is divided into thirds:

  • The first third closest to your goal is the defensive third of the field. Your individual and team performance is driven by safe passes, early passes, no risk taking and finding an avenue out to other parts of the field.
  • The second third is where the speed and direction of the ball is continually changing. Furthermore, your teammates are also changing their speed and direction in this part of the field. This is also where you are exploring your opponents strengths and weaknesses.
  • The last third of the field is the attacking third, where you take on the opponent and attack them with urgency, going for shots on goal.

3. Where Your Teammates Are


Your teammates must have the ability to receive the ball and pass the ball without pressure from the opponent. This means that the ball must see you and you must be available to receive the ball without the opponent marking you. This will guarantee that your team keeps possession of the ball.

4. Be Aware Of Your Opponents Location On The Field

This is the most difficult skill to learn. While in possession of the ball and moving toward the opponents goal, you must be clever and avoid the interference from the opponent so you can successfully change the point of attack and score.

A coaching point to remember: When your team defends, everyone defends and when your team attacks, everyone attacks.

Author @George Vizvary

George Vizvary is an internationally recognized soccer "Maestro" and former men's head soccer coach at Ulster County Community College. During his past time at UCCC he won two National Championships and had his team ranked in the Top 10 of the nation for 19 years. Along the way his teams produced 43 professional players, 40 NJCAA or NSCAA All-Americans. As a USSF A license holder, George Vizvary was recognized and awarded the prestigious NSCAA 2015 Walt Chyzowych Lifetime Achievement Award. Today, you can find George Vizvary coaching for Quick Strike FC in upstate New York.
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