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We provide expert consulting advise based on your needs.

The goal is to help student-athelets explore which high-schools or colleges are best suited for them academically and athletically. We want to help student-athletes to thrive, enjoy playing their sport, graduate and succeed in their sports journey and life.

College Counseling

  • Create a professional online sports resume

  • College essays review

  • Introductory letter of intent

  • Study strategies

  • Find the right college fit based on your academic and athletic abilities

  • Help familiarize yourself with the NCAA College Recruiting Process

  • Improve your high school grades, SAT’s, PSAT’s and TOEFL tests

  • Managing test anxiety

  • Time management

  • Social media awareness

  • Goals setting and long term project planning

  • Self advocacy and motivation

 Expert Advise 

  • How to break into the HIGH-SCHOOL, COLLEGE or PRO level

  • Proper evaluation

  • How to build and promote your identity more effectively

  • Social media awareness

  • How to get more from your WeGotPlayers resume subscription

  • Tell us your ultimate goal and we will  quickly guide you in the right direction


We reside in Connecticut’s New Haven area, yet our team can serve you via many virtual platforms. Connect with us to find out how we can help. Feel free to check out our testimonials page to find out how we have helped other athletes like you find the right school fit.

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