How To Make Tryouts Less Stressful

  • 18 May, 2017

It’s about that time of the year where the soccer tryouts take place earlier and earlier. Clubs are constantly looking on new ways on how to keep their players in the club and attract new talent at the same time. This process accelerates everything, the rush to know if you are in or not in the team, will the players want to come back, will new players join the team.

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The tryouts process is not FUN and it brings stress to the players, parents and even the coaches. Most coaches need to hold meetings with the players and parents to let them know where they stand.

I will share three simple tips that can help players make the tryouts time less stressful. This time, I even made a short video on it.

Tryouts Video 2017

1. Confidence

All coaches love players who show confidence and are ready for the next challenge. A player with confidence will go a long way because they are not afraid to try, take risks and fail. They will not give up because they believe in themselves and they will persevere in the long run. Those are the players every coach wants. Players learn by doing most of the time and less by watching, especially when it comes to motor skills.

2. Smile

Players who smile are more relaxed, friendlier and show way more confidence than the rest. A smile can go a long way especially in moments of tension, pressure, tests and so on. When players smile, they defiantly show that they are friendly and ready to make more friends than they had before.

We often teach players how to be leaders and lead others by example. They want people to follow them and treat them with respect. In order for that to happen, a relationship needs to start. A smile can speed up the process and get you ahead.

Introduce yourself to the coaches with a smile on your face. Show your enthusiasm and be thankful for the opportunity.

3. Work Hard

There is no substitute for hard work. Always work hard regardless of the outcome of the tryout or your game. You can control your effort but you can’t control the score. Your effort will eventually take care of the score. The key is to out work all your competition because even if you lose, you will be hard to beat.

Good luck at tryout sand just try to be yourself. No stress, no pressure, just have fun and play like no one is watching you.

Author @Nicolae Popescu

Nicolae Popescu is a former NCAA D1 full-scholarship student-athlete and the Founder of WeGotPlayers. He has experienced first-hand the complex college recruiting process himself. Nicolae' s knowledge, skills and sports expertise make him a valuable contributor in helping guide players and parents to find the right school fit. He is passionate about coaching, mentoring and positively influencing players succeed in their sports journey and life thru the power of education and technology.
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