Meet Marcio Forte, Italy’s Former Futsal National Team Captain

  • 27 Apr, 2016

Over the last few months we had the pleasure to meet, interview and coach with one of the greatest futsal players and former Italy’s National Team Captain, Marcio Forte. A true professional by heart who’s achieved the highest level of success thru his passion, hard work and dedication to the sport he loved most, futsal. We hope you enjoy reading the interview as much as we did.

Marcio Forte & Nicolae Popescu

WGP 1. Briefly tell us a bit about yourself and how you started playing futsal?

Futsal came in my life , thanks to friends , I did swimming during my childhood , but on my spare time my friends and I liked playing futsal on the street in front of my house. I started playing at age 13 and received an invitation to play at Londrina Yacht Club. At first, I didn’t get much playing time, but loved the atmosphere. Little by little I improved and when I realized I was already playing at a high level.

WGP 2. Do you enjoy playing Futsal now as much as you did when you were younger?

Yes, I think futsal and I make a good team. Honestly, I don’t have the agility I had when I was 18, but the feeling and the willpower when I step on the futsal court is the same.

WGP 3. What made you decide to play for the Italian Futsal National Team?

I decided to play for the Italian Futsal National team because my father always wanted me to play for them. When I got call for the first time, I felt great. If I could go back in time I would certainly not change this experience. I was very well received and contributed to every way possible for the organization.

Marcio Forte And Italy's Futsal National Team

WGP 4. Do you have any specific plans, strategies or rituals before playing the game?

Yes, I always had. When you are a professional you are going to feel those unique moments on the field. You need to prepare yourself physically, and this happens during the week but mostly psychologically. The day before the game when I go to sleep, I am imagining and visualizing the game. I imagined myself playing well and scoring a goal, I also imagine myself saving a goal. The day before the game, I pray that no one would get hurt. I always drink some coffee before entering the court. These were some of the rituals that I’ve developed and believed in.

WGP 5. Who was the best opponent you ever played against?

I played against many phenomenal players like: Manoel Tobias , Falcao , Ricardinho , Fininho , Vander Carioca , Lenisio , Vinicius , and Schumacher. But, there are two superstars that make our sport magical: Falcao and Ricardinho.

WGP 6. What are the most valuables lessons you’ve learned from futsal so far?

Marcio Forte

I’ve learned from playing Futsal that you can not win a game by yourself. You need your teammates, you need to share, be loyal, support each other, cooperate with one another to really become a team. Futsal is a fast game of great emotions and that will give you friends for life.

WGP 7. Where do you see the Futsal game going five years from now?

Futsal is one of the most practiced sport in the world. It’s growing every day, making boys and girls fall in love with it. I think it’s everyone’s dream that this sport becomes an Olympic sport.

WGP 8. What has been the most memorable highlight of your futsal career so far?

I think every achievement has its sweet or bitter taste. For me a time that was odd and unique was to be the only player to win a Champions League for an Italian team.

WGP 9. What motivated you to keep on going especially thru hard times?

Marcio Forte 2

I think in our lives , we will all go through happy moments but also have hard times. Futsal, just like other team sports teaches you to overcome difficulties , fall and get up, help and be helped. If you have faith , you are a good person who believes you can overcome your limitations day by day, there is nothing in the world that will make you give up.

WGP 10. What advise do you have for futsal players who dream to play at the professional level?

If you have a dream start to imagine it now. Begin to draw it into your life. Anything is possible for those who work hard. Train a lot and listen to your coach. The mountain is steep and you can slide, but don’t stop climbing it. Keep going up because once you are up there, the view will be unforgettable!

Thank you Marcio for your time and dedication to the futsal game. Your contributions on and off the field has made you a role model many players look up to.

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