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  • 1 Sep, 2015

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Wallingford, Connecticut – September 1, 2015 – WeGotPlayers, LLC is excited to announce the launch of its new and completely redesigned sports resume site. The new platform is designed to empower players of all levels build and promote their own identity to play at the next level. WeGotPlayers is a powerful promoting tool that has simplified the players’ self-promoting, college recruiting and pro scouting process. What makes it unique from other expensive recruiting and scouting services is that WeGotPlayers educates and empowers athletes build their own identity to stand out from the competition. How? With cutting edge sports profiles and resumes, simple functionality, clean design, educational blog posts, and unique features with enhanced privacy settings. Those are just a few options the tool provides to its members.

The new promoting tool has over 30 sports and 7 levels of play. It aims to help players get exposed and fulfill their dreams of playing at the college or professional level.

“We’ve experiment and analyzed the college recruiting and professional scouting process for the past few years. Our analysis showed us the need to build a simpler, unique and more effective tool for players to build their identity and promote themselves more effectively. The goal is to help educate athletes on how to find the right fit and play at the next level”.

Nicolae A. Popescu, Founder of WeGotPlayers, LLC.

Research studies have showed us how the power of social media plays such a significant role in the athletes’ self-promoting process. The social media phenomenon has showed us how crucial is to build and maintain a professional online image for yourself or your brand. This process has become an integral part of gaining awareness and self-recognition for what we do and what we try to accomplish.   The same exact process happens in the sports recruiting and scouting industry. Players are constantly seeking the vital exposure needed to make an early impression, get attention and reach the next level. It is vital for players and parents to understand the importance of educating themselves early about the recruiting process if they are looking to play college sports.

The players’  sports profiles/resumes on WeGotPlayers can be easily identified, shared and are hard to forget. WeGotPlayers encourages learning through its Blog where it strives to offer expert recruiting and scouting tips, news, and game changing advise. We urge athletes to share and exchange their playing experiences amongst themselves and learn from one another. Such engaging experience can help athletes make wiser future playing decisions. This is the home of all dedicated players who are willing to make many sacrifices in order to achieve their dreams.

If you are a player looking to play at the next level, a college coach looking to identify the right fit, an agent, or anyone who wants to help athletes succeed, then join WeGotPlayers today for FREE.  Discover where your sports journey can take you.



To find out more about WeGotPlayers, visit the official website at and subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of the site to get game changing advise, tips and news to help you succeed. Thank you for being part of our community and allowing us to be part of your story.

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WeGotPlayers is powerful sports resume tool designed to help players succeed in their sports journeys and life. Our mission is to empower and educate players of all levels build and promote their own identity to play at the next level.
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