Recruiting Do’s

  • 17 Sep, 2015

The college recruiting process could be frustrating but with a little research it can become easier. It’s important to do your research and prepare yourself to talk to the college coaches. Don’t let your parents, high school coach or counselor to do your work, YOU HAVE TO DO IT YORUSELF. Don’t expect that anyone will do the work for you. Don’t forget to set personal, academic and athletic goals while constantly tracking your progress.

In the hopes of helping you get closer to playing at the college level, we would like to share with you a few tips on the recruiting do’s.

  • Approach college coaches first.
  • Be realistic about your on and off the field abilities and the level you are capable of playing.
  • Research Junior Colleges, Colleges and Universities from multiple divisions to find the right fit.
  • Stay organized throughout your high-school years and develop your recruiting strategy.
  • Be focused and accountable when establishing relationships with the college coaches.
  • Attend summer camps, tournaments, events, college showcases and college ID camps to get on the coaches’ radar.
  • Become familiar with the NCAA rules, laws and regulations.
  • NCAA rules are very strict and tricky at times as they differ from sport to sport.
  • Stay in tune with the latest NCAA recruiting changes.
  • Be curious and ask questions because KNOWLEDGE and INFORMATION are POWERFUL.
  • Take as many unofficial visits as possible.
  • Be honest, work hard, get educated and don’t ever be afraid to ask questions.
  • Treat everyone with respect and always be professional.
  • Build your online sports resume and promote yourself with a positive image.
Your time is important and you can’t afford to lose any of it. Your future education depends on all the decisions you’ll have to make. Stay focus on what you want to achieve, develop a plan and have a strategy in place to reach your ultimate goals.

Author @Nicolae Popescu

Nicolae Popescu is a former NCAA D1 full-scholarship student-athlete and the Founder of WeGotPlayers. He has experienced first-hand the complex college recruiting process himself. Nicolae' s knowledge, skills and sports expertise make him a valuable contributor in helping guide players and parents to find the right school fit. He is passionate about coaching, mentoring and positively influencing players succeed in their sports journey and life thru the power of education and technology.
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