Role Of Parents

Role Of Parents

In today’s sports environment parents have an important role towards their child development. Clubs who are truly preparing themselves for success know that they need to educate and work with their parents. A positive relationship between the coaches, players and parents can build a foundation for a long term success.

IMG_1297 Developing relationships based on trust and commitment are key elements in determining the success of a club and its members. It’s important that parents are educated on what the clubs want from them and how they can help be part of the developmental process.

Clubs who educate their parents have shown to create a family culture based on trust where everyone feels welcome and part of the family. If the parents are not on the same page as their coach or vice-versa, it will be extremely difficult for players to grow, mature and develop accordingly.

Our Role Of Parents Workshop educates and explains on what parents need to do to help their children thrive in their sports journey. It’s never an easy road but it’s worth all the time and effort.