We’ve outlined a few testimonials from our most recent success stories. Those players have worked hard on and off the field just so they can see their dreams of playing at the next level come true.

Jake Nadzam

WeGotPlayers.com was an excellent source for me to promote my soccer abilities to schools I was applying to this year. The WeGotPlayers team was incredibly helpful and they were completely invested in my success. Nicolae Andrei Popescu, the founder of the website, had arranged everything for me. Before I knew it, I was meeting with the head coach of the primary school I was applying to. He really formed a connection with me and I appreciate all the hours he spent researching for the best schools for me. I’m very happy to say that I got into the school with a scholarship thanks to WeGotPlayers.com and especially Nicolae Andrei Popescu.

Jake N.

Dylan H

Diving into the college searching process with little knowhow was a bit stressful. After talking with Nicolae Andrei Popescu I had a lot better idea about how to communicate well and attract coaches. Andrei helped me figure out what type of team and school I wanted to play for. With Andrei’s help I now find myself playing for a team I wouldn’t have thought I could compete at, but he helped me challenge myself to further improve my game and enjoy it at a higher level.

Dylan H. 

Kelsey B

Over the past few months WeGotPlayers has had an impact on determining the next step of my soccer and educational career. Without Andrei Popescu I would have never found Southern University as a sophomore. Because of Andrei, I will be able to pursue my dream of playing soccer at a college that has a career suitable for me. A big thanks to Andrei and WeGotPlayers team for all that you’ve done.

Kelsey B.

Fabian M

WeGotPlayers helped me pick a high school that best fits me academically and athletically. After searching for schools, WGP started to help by giving me expert advice that I used to write my introduction letter, and my resume. The team at WGP was very professional and they were always there helping me succeed. WGP have been a great help to me and I can’t thank them enough for the support they gave me to get in to the school of my choice.

 Fabian M.

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