Updated WWE WrestleMania Betting Odds: Lines Strangely Tighten In Top Title Match

  • 6 Oct, 2019

Roman Reigns chances against WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania tonight have oddly tightened, moving out of a runaway -1200 to a mere -400. Thanks to our friends at Bet Wrestling for sending the following: Having a Roman Reigns victory being considered a forgone conclusion, is the main reason behind this odd line move the result of an inside leak? Not, because if this were the case, we might be seeing Lesnar favourite at this time. Can this because gamblers are attracted to the name value of Brock Lesnar, especially with his UFC history? This is probably the more likely situation and we will get a clearer idea of why just these chances moved when we get the end result of this match. Worth mentioning is that this WWE Universal Championship game is still preferred by -2000 to proceed on continue as the primary event. Conversely, the odds actually widened a bit from the WWE Championship match. Shinsuke Nakamura has witnessed his chances increase from -415 to -620. Another challenger to a world championship which has seen their chances decrease would be Asuka, who’s hard for Charlotte Flair’s Smackdown Women’s Championship. Asuka’s former odds of -1050 have dropped to -825, which can be still healthy odds for the”Empress of Tommorow”. European Markets are offering odds on a Carmella money in at a positive -150. This bet is on a formal money in of the Money in the Bank briefcase with no respect on if the cash in is a success. As for the Raw Women’s Championship, the challenger’s chances of winning have diminished too. Nia Jax’s odds of winning have moved from -390 into -350. Looking into the secondary championship games, United States Champion Randy Orton is at a dead heat with a few of the three challengers. Both Orton and Rusev currently have chances as +100, which can be an even bet in which you win as far as you wager. This is notable as Rusev was moved into this game in the last minute to generate a Fatal Fourway. The other challengers are Bobby Roode with odds of +765 and Jinder Mahal at +905. The Interconitinental Championship nevertheless has Finn Balor favored slightly, however Seth Rollins has become a near underdog. This game is aggressive with the exception of this Miz having dismal odds of +360 to retain within this Triple Threat match. The Bludgeon Brothers remain slight favorites to win the Smackdown Tag Team Championships in a Triple Threat match between The Usos and The New Day. Braun Strowman and his spouse are also still favored to conquer the Raw Tag Team Champions, Cesaro and Sheamus. From the Tournament Finals for the vacant Cruiserweight Championship, Cedric Alexander’s positive odds have risen from -295 to -460, a marginal line movement. The fellow finalist Mustafa Ali of alexander is a +320 underdog. While the unannounced game of John Cena vs the Undertaker is open from the European sports publications, The Undertaker’s odds have dropped from -400 to -295, casting doubt for the outcome of the epic match. Both the Raw and Smackdown brands have tag team games centered around the authority amounts of every brand. Raw is offering the in ring debut of Ronda Rousey, as she teams up with Raw GM Kurt Angle. Rousey & Angle have seen their odds growth to -825 against Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon and WWE COO Triple H. Smackdown GM Daniel Bryan makes his long awaited in ring return, teaming with Smackdown Commissioner Shane McMahon against Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. The chances on that one are very close and have not moved significantly. Bryan and McMahon are preferred slightly at -180. Read more: basketball betting sites

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