What Questions To Ask College Coaches

  • 23 Nov, 2016

This is an exciting time for many student-athletes and at the same time it can be intimidating when talking to the college coaches. You want to make sure that you are prepared and confident when you talk to the coaches when in person or via phone. Confidence is key and can show a coach how you will handle pressure if you were to join their program. One piece of advise is not to talk about the money or scholarships unless the coach brings it up to you first.

It’s hard to make a great first impression and it’s very easy to ruin it. Educate yourself early in the process so you can build those relationships early in your sophomore year. By the the time you become a junior or senior you will have a better understanding of what kind of options you have and where will be your best school fit.

You will only have a few minutes to talk to the coach on the phone or in person. The key is to maximize your time and ask wise questions that will give you the information needed to make up your mind when the time comes.

If you were to talk to 3 coaches in 3 weeks and you will have to choose a program, you better be prepared because the process can be very fast at times. Just like you, coaches like to move on and sometimes they will tell you that they need an answer by a certain date. You better know what answer to give because people will move on with or without you. There are many players and programs but the key here is to find your fit based on your academic, athletic and social preferences. Of course, location may also be important to you.

I will outline some important questions that can help you maximize your time when you talk to the college coaches.

They don’t have a lot of time but they like to make the most of it. Just prepare yourself, be confident and ask the questions.

  • How did you end up coaching? Personal question but great to build the relationship.
  • What’s the admission processes like for student-athletes?
  • How much is the application fee and can it be waived for athletes?
  • What are the most popular majors within your team?
  • Do your student-athletes graduate in 4 years?
  • What are the requirements for study hall during the season?
  • How you students manage the academics during the season?
  • What is your recruiting timeline at the moment?
  • What positions are you seeking for the most?
  • Where most of your recruiting comes from?
  • When would be the best time to come and visit your school?
  • What types of academic or athletic scholarships are available for student-athletes?
  • What really happens when an athlete on a scholarship gets hurt?
  • What is the team culture like?
  • Where do most of your players live? On or off campus and are they together.
  • Can a student-athlete work part-time or coach while playing their sport in the team?
  • What do you admire the most in a student-athlete?

Those are a few questions you can ask the coach to get a better idea about them, the school and their program. It never hurts to ask but it’s always a bonus to ask the right questions.

As soon as your conversation with the coach ends, make sure you thank them even if s/he did not answer all your questions. I am sure they will do so when time allows for it.

Ask about what the next steps are form here. Does the coach needs more information about you. When could you connect again. This helps you build a healthy relationship and will get you on the coaches’ radar. Put in the work and get ahead of your competition. Have fun with the recruiting process and remember that it’s all based on relationships. Build them now.

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Author @Nicolae Popescu

Nicolae Popescu is a former NCAA D1 full-scholarship student-athlete and the Founder of WeGotPlayers. He has experienced first-hand the complex college recruiting process himself. Nicolae' s knowledge, skills and sports expertise make him a valuable contributor in helping guide players and parents to find the right school fit. He is passionate about coaching, mentoring and positively influencing players succeed in their sports journey and life thru the power of education and technology.
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